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This is a personal website and blog run by David Woroboff, who is an experienced entrepreneur. On this website, you will be able to read all about information and advice regarding trends in startups along with a full bio and history for Mr. Woroboff.

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This website was made by Mr. David Woroboff. The intent of this site is to provide information about startups, one of David's areas of expertise. Mr. Woroboff is an entrepreneur and a businessman, and as such he needs to keep up with the trends and stay current with the startup industry. He is always looking for new business opportunities, and his wealth of experience guides him to make well informed decisions. This blog will supply information to individuals with all different levels of startup experience, from those who are just beginning to people who have been working in the business for many years. Just check out our Blog Page to view informational articles, or click on the About tab if you want to view bio information and a full history for Mr. Woroboff.


David Woroboff

david woroboff

California Based Businessman & Entrepreneur

Currently, David Woroboff is the CEO of 24/7 Call-A-Doc, of which he is also the founder. They are nationally recognized as being a leader in telemedicine & remote mental health. David has received his bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, and his executive business degree. He has used his knowledge and skills to create novel technologies that are designed to improve general health and safety over the last thirty years.


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Whether you are new to the game or you already have many startups under your belt, there is no doubt you will be able to find valuable resources in our blog, which contain all kinds of tips, trends, and up to date information all about startups. You will also be able to access advice that comes directly from Mr. Woroboff and his decades of experience. If you’re looking to learn more about David, then just check out the About Page for his full bio.

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A startup is all about finding or creating a niche and tapping into it. One of the best things about getting into startups is that any idea could potentially turn into a profit, and there is never any shortage of ideas to be had. However, it also takes an experienced eye to know what will work and how to make it run smoothly. Startups are one of the most profitable markets to invest in today. The market is always changing, and now is the best time to learn more about the industry and to get involved in the way that works best for you. Mr. Woroboff’s wealth of knowledge has guided him toward success in his own ventures over his decades of experience.


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If you are interested in networking or learning more about startups, you can get in touch with Mr. Woroboff by clicking on the Contact tab found below and then filling out the form located there. David Woroboff is always looking to discuss new business opportunities, and he will respond to you shortly. Follow David on social media or check out the Blog page for articles all about about startups.


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