The rise of social entrepreneurship and its impact on society


The social entrepreneur is a fascinating concept. It’s an entrepreneur who is driven by the desire to make a positive impact on society through their business. This differs from traditional entrepreneurs who are driven by profit and economic value creation in the short term. Due to this difference, many people wonder whether social entrepreneurship is really a thing or not—and if so, what would be its impact on society? In this article, David Woroboff will explore these questions and examine how society benefits from the increasing rise of social entrepreneurs across all industries today.

Social entrepreneurs are driven by social impact

Social entrepreneurs are driven by a desire to make a difference in the world, and they can be found in all sectors of society. They may be working at an established nonprofit or they may have founded a new business that aims to serve the community. Social entrepreneurship is not limited to one industry or type of organization; it encompasses people who are committed to making their communities better through innovative approaches, including:

  • Entrepreneurs who use their professional skills and experience as part of nonprofits (e.g., lawyers)
  • Entrepreneurs who create businesses with social missions (e.g., coffee shops that hire homeless veterans)

The rise of the social entrepreneur

Social entrepreneurship is on the rise. According to the Global Social Entrepreneurship Monitor (GSEM), there are now more than 1 million active social entrepreneurs around the world, with over half of them in developing countries. In addition, GSEM estimates that these individuals have created more than 30 million jobs and generated over $300 billion annually in revenue since 2005.

This new breed of entrepreneur has a different motivation than traditional business owners: they’re driven by social impact rather than profits alone. But how did this phenomenon come about?

The future of the social entrepreneur and impact on society

The social entrepreneur is changing the world. They are making a difference, and they are making the world a better place. Social entrepreneurs have the power to change how we live our lives by bringing new ideas, products and services into existence that will improve our quality of life.

Society benefits from social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is a way to help the world. Social entrepreneurs are driven by social impact, and they can be found in every industry. They use their knowledge and skills to solve problems that affect people’s lives, such as hunger, lack of education and healthcare access.

Social entrepreneurs can create jobs and improve communities by providing innovative solutions to social issues through their businesses or non-profit organizations.


In conclusion, we have seen the rise of social entrepreneurship and its impact on society. The social entrepreneur has become an important figure in our world today and will continue to play a role in shaping the future.

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